5 Facebook Fan Page Tips to Help You Sell Vehicles

Frost RV Facebook

Like every other business owner, you’ve probably heard a number of people (or at least spam e-mails) telling you that a smart social media strategy is indispensable. But when you get down to setting up a Facebook fan page for your dealership, you might wonder: Do “fans” ever really turn into real-life auto sales?

Well, yes — though your degree of success will depend on how well you use your fan page. Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t over-post. People still think of Facebook as a social hangout, so nobody wants to see more than one post a day from a dealership clogging their news feed. Be very judicious about the messages you put out there, or your fans may start dwindling.
  2. Do make special offers for fans. These don’t have to break the bank – in fact, they don’t have to have any real monetary value. Maybe you just tell your fans about upcoming promotions a few days before you advertise them elsewhere. The goal is to create an incentive for people to tell their friends to fan you.
  3. Make a landing page. Did you know that you can show a different version of your fan page to first-time visitors? It’s a great opportunity to make a compelling visual case for them to click that Like button. Make an image that’s 520 pixels wide with an arrow pointing to the top-middle of the page (that’s where the Like button will be). You can simply ask new visitors to click the button, or you can give them an incentive. Just remember, the incentive can’t have monetary value (Facebook doesn’t like that). Note: This approach requires downloading an app and some basic HTML knowledge, so you may want to pay someone to do it.
  4. Post your inventory. WebManager WebPlus includes the ability to put your entire vehicle inventory on Facebook, where users can browse it just as if they were on your website. This gives fans a compelling reason to come back.
  5. Get email addresses. Make a strong effort to get new fans to subscribe to your email list, especially if you have a newsletter. Your landing page is a great place to promote it with a call-out and a link.

For more insight on how to create an effective Facebook fan page, check out this post from the knowledgeable folks at Mashable.