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Black Book Valuation within AutoManager

Never Overpay for a Vehicle with Black Book!

Dealerships have been trying to find a way to not overpay for a vehicle. One of the best solutions in accomplishing paying the right price for a vehicle is the use of Black Book. Black Book is a valuation tool that offers an up-to-date valuation on any vehicle.

AutoManager now offers Black Book integration within all of their three platforms: DeskManager, WebManager, and AutoManager.Mobile.

Black Book works seamlessly with all three platforms and helps provide dealerships with three valuations: one for wholesale, one for retail, and one for trade-in value. The first step is to enter in a vehicle’s VIN number. On AutoManager.Mobile, a user has the ability to snap a picture of the VIN number and the application will decode the VIN.

The second step would be to enter the condition of the car. There are four options for condition; Extra Clean, Clean, Average, and Rough. The final step is to enter the mileage of the car. Once these three steps are completed, Black Book will provide three valuations: wholesale, retail, and trade-in.

Black Book is used by OEM’s and lenders because of the extensive data that is offered by the company. Black Book also is very useful during fast paced auctions. With the use of AutoManager.Mobile, dealerships will have the ability to seamlessly valuate vehicles during fast paced auctions.

Black Book offers intricate data along with a powerful valuation tool integrated directly in all three of AutoManager’s platforms. With the use of Black Book within AutoManager’s applications, it will make it much easier to learn the value of your car without spending hours of time trying to do so.

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