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Learn How SiriusXM Helps Sell Used Cars

“If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that there is a lot more to how you say something than what you say.”SiriusXM, DeskManager, WebManager, AutoManager, DMS Software, Used Cars, Independent DealersWe’ve all had a friend tell us about a new restaurant experience. To illustrate the power of “how you say something”, here are two ways this experience could be delivered:

(1)   “It was nice, I ordered a burger and fries; I enjoyed my meal and it was not that expensive”

(2)  “Yes, I went to this new burger joint, had this amazing burger topped with guacamole, crispy bacon, melted cheese, and a sauce that was out of this world. The fries were so delicious, crispy and salty, and the best part, it cost me less than $10”

Which experience sounded more appetizing?

The concept of value can be viewed the same way.  Value can mean many things to many different people, but one preeminent way of looking at value is, “why should I choose you?” People have many choices for their hard-earned money while also possessing more knowledge and market savvy than ever.

To be sure, there are many things you currently are using to encourage a customer to buy from you. There is good customer service, the quality of merchandise, your businesses reputation, providing a great deal, an extended warranty, even a special return policy.

However, is it reasonable to assume your competition may be doing the same?
What then will set you apart?
One thing that can possibly set you apart is adding an “unexpected value”, one that seizes the attention of your customer and provides an “emotional reward”. A perfect example of a company that has successfully launched a marketing strategy like this is Coca-Cola. If you have been watching Coke commercials recently, you’ll have noticed they are not selling the “features” of Coke, i.e., taste, or ingredients; but the experience. Here is a recent Google search on Coke:

SiriusXM, Feeling Advertising, Used Cars, Pre-Owned, Independent Dealers, Automotive DMS, Dealer DMS, Websites

Coca-Cola recognizes that Coke may not be ideal for daily consumption. It is filled with sugar, not only is it highly caloric, but to add insult to injury, those calories are empty calories. However, people are still buying and drinking Coke. Now, selling on a “good feeling”, such as reminding your customer of some positive memorable experience from their past, or implying some positive memorable experience yet to come, can be a profound way to reach someone.
Therefore, good memories and feelings are a great “unexpected value”. In this instance, there is an “emotional reward” to buying and drinking a can of Coke. In addition to good salesmanship and good marketing, elements such as this can be the difference between having a new customer or just another prospect. This is true for Coca-Cola and this is also true for almost any business, including the used car business.
Now, let’s set our sights on music. Have you ever noticed the emotional connection people have with music? Like food, memorable events, and joyful experiences, music is a pivotal element woven into the tapestry of our lives. Being an independent car dealer or franchisee, you are selling vehicles utilizing many marketing strategies and communication channels. These include:
 Likely, you are also stressing options that were added to the vehicle such as:
  • Leather seats
  • A sunroof
  • Power windows
  • Power door locks
  • Etc.
You have undoubtedly had success with this.

Another strategy to consider, is utilizing what Coke did, adding that “unexpected value”. In this instance, that “unexpected value” may be music; and more than just standard radio (which is limited), but the ability to choose from hundreds of music channels in order to find that “perfect” song.

We know we want a customer to feel good driving home after their purchase. It may be no surprise, but 75% of new cars are equipped with satellite radio, thus:
  • New cars become used cars
  • Used cars become pre-owned cars
  • Pre-owned cars go on sale
  • Their satellite radio is inactive
This would then further “cement” their “’new car experience” to the purchase of their pre-owned vehicle. Activating SiriusXM is free for all used car dealers. 
SiriusXM, DeskManager, WebManager, AutoManager, DMS Software, Used Cars, Independent Dealers 
SiriusXM helps sell used cars by bringing this “unexpected value” to the customer journey. It is worth considering how attractive it can be to a customer having three free months of satellite radio and that “new car feeling”. Imagine a scenario where:
  • SiriusXM was live during the walk around and test drive
  • The customer purchases the car
  • The customer leaves your car lot
  • Turns on their satellite radio
  • Enjoys loads of channel choices
  • And finds that “perfect” song for this occasion during their drive home

Would promoting this feeling be one of those “unexpected values” you can utilize in your sales process?

As the dealer, it is possible your competition is already doing this. So, it makes pretty good sense to add this value to each used vehicle, “just in case” before presenting to potential customers. If you are the first on the block to do this, the pioneer if you will, then that is great for you and just another reason why your customer should buy from you. It’s always important to ensure you are current with technology and staying abreast of trends. It also doesn’t hurt that 90 days of free satellite radio is pretty good for the customer; and what is good for the customer, usually, is pretty good for the salesperson.



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