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Used Car Dealer Tips For Creating Online Content

When creating content as a used car dealer for your online audience, whether it is for your website, blog, or social media, there are 5 important tips you should take into consideration. They are:

  •  Content
  •  Relevance
  •  Functionality
  •  Mobile Friendly
  •  Mobile Load Time

The reason we see content as number one, is because CONTENT is what got that visitor to click “your link” after seeing their search result.

USED CAR DEALER content is also important because it is important to Google. Good content signifies that the information being presented to the visitor is valuable.

What does valuable content look like? Well, it is not always self-promotion and it is not always trying to sell, sell, sell.

Good content is helpful content

Good content is also relevant content. One easy way to know if your content is good, would be the relevance in relationship to where it is being seen. Here is an example:

  • Your customer does a used car search
  • Your website comes up with information on used cars, trucks, SUV’s, and Hybrid’s
  • This is very relevant to the search they conducted
  • Now, that same customer does the same search
  • Your website comes up with information
  • On the in’s and out’s of buying flowers
  • This is completely NON-RELEVANT

A great immediate benefit to you is that there is a wide array of great material that relates to used cars you can use for your used car dealer website.

It shouldn’t be hard to come up with relevant material

This does not mean all your online content needs to be all business. For instance, your social media posts can have plenty of playful copy. The subject matter of these posts can be anything from:

  • Obscure holiday’s
  • What is happenings in the community
  • Sharing updates about your company
  • Showing company pictures from a birthday party (with consent)

Creating content that is intended to inform, educate, draw awareness, and influence visitors needs to be relevant. A good question to ask is will this information be beneficial to the reader?

Almost as important to relevant content, if not equally as important, is a good user experience

Google frowns on a website that is not mobile friendly (responsive) and that does not load fast enough. It is likely you will lose audience share if they have to sit and wait too long for a page to load. You will also lose visitors if they are having a hard time navigating your website.

You want your visitors online experience to be smooth and intuitive with as little friction and thought as possible

These customers have many options and catering to their perspective is a wise consideration. It’ll be a great service to you if you have a fast intuitive dealer DMS when it is time for the deal. Also very helpful will be to have a good CRM so you don’t lose touch with them, as well a stunning dealer website to entice and encourage engagement.

It will only benefit you to follow these guidelines

A really great takeaway to these 5 important elements of a good online experience would be to consider your own online experiences.

  • What device are you using when interacting with the internet?
  • Do you stick around when a page takes a while to load or is tough to navigate?
  • If you were looking for information and instead were being given a sales pitch what would you do?

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