Can Dealerships Use Twitter’s New ‘Vine’ Video App ?

If you haven’t kept up  with the tech press this week, you may have missed a fantastic new opportunity to share your vehicles with consumers. It’s called Vine, and Twitter hopes it will do for video what their 140-character limit did for the written word.

Vine’s approach to video editing and sharing is beautifully simple. The app records no more than six seconds of video using the camera on your smartphone, and only records when you’re touching the screen. By tapping your finger, you can make creative stop-motion segments or simple cuts in no time. When you’re done, you can share your creation with your followers in on the Vine network, and more importantly, on your Twitter or Facebook account.

For dealers, who probably don’t have time to sit down and edit video the traditional way, the simplicity of Vine has interesting potential. In under a minute, you can you can create an exciting full-motion video of your Honda S2000 with the hood opening, the tachometer needle revving, and the top folding down. A really savvy marketing team might post that video on an S2000 message board or tweet it at one of Honda’s corporate Twitter accounts, where it could potentially get exposed to thousands of viewers.

We can also foresee scenarios in which dealers use a Vine video to advertise a sales promotion by cutting between clips of employees holding signs. Or advertise their service department by showing before-and-after clips of a repair or detailing. How creative you get with Vine is really up to you, but here are some cool examples about how major brands are already using it.

For more information on how to download and use Vine, check out this introductory post on Twitter’s official blog.

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