Reindex DeskManager

How to Reindex DeskManager

Have you ever left your smartphone on for weeks on end? Eventually, you’ll notice your apps or other functions beginning to slow down, even if you had plenty of storage space left.

The same thing can happen to DeskManager without a little routine tidying. Luckily, the usual fix is quick and simple. It’s called reindexing, and if you want your software to operate at peak efficiency, you should do it every week or so, as time allows. Here’s how:

Before reindexing your DeskManager, you ALWAYS want to make sure you are the only person who is using DeskManager. You can verify this by clicking on Help and then clicking on Show Logged In Users.

Show Logged In Users

This will bring up the Active Users window. From here, you will be able to see which users are logged into the system. If you want to kick someone out of DeskManager, click on the Shut Down All Users button.

Shut Down All Users

After clicking on that button, DeskManager will verify that you wanted to click it by making you type the word “YES.” Once you are the only user running DeskManager, close the Active Users window.

Now all you have you do to reindex is click File, then hover over Maintenance, then click Reindex. Don’t be alarmed; this will immediately close DeskManager.

The Reindex button

Next, reopen DeskManager. This will take a little bit longer than usual because the program is performing the reindex as it opens up again.

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