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3 Tips to Effectively Market Your Vehicle Inventory

When it comes to marketing a vehicle, whether it is a used car, motorcycle, or RV, the goal is always the same; to sell the vehicle as soon as possible. The first step is strategic pricing, next step is strategic marketing. That being said, here are three tips to better market your vehicle inventory:

  1. Plan Before You Publish: Your dealership just secured a great deal on a trade-in vehicle and you want a quick turnaround so you figure you’d snap a few quick pics, send it to the major listing aggregators, then take care of the nitty-gritty vehicle details later, right? Wrong. Serious consumers want as much information about their potential purchase as possible. They want to know the mileage, accident history, ownership history, key features, etc. Three weeks later, the vehicle doesn’t sell and you decide to go back and add these key features and update the listing, but some publishers feed to other sites so now you have to keep track of those sites and you’re bound to have inconsistent details among the platforms. What is the solution? Planning. Take a second to list and highlight the key details and to ensure high-resolution photography of the vehicle. Once you are ready to export, consider our WebManager tool to publish to 100+ websites and major platforms to ensure maximum exposure for your vehicle.
  2. Online Exposure for Your Dealership: The digital marketing space is an ever-evolving beast and can be overwhelming to navigate as a dealership whose #1 priority is to sell vehicles. Only a few years ago when a customer wanted to buy a used car, they’d drive to the local dealership and check out the cars they liked. But now, people are doing hours and hours of research online about each vehicle, each dealership, vehicle history, and every other variable that goes into buying a car. So how do you compete? The best way is to rank on the first page when someone Google searches for your major keywords in your town or city. A strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can be the difference between being on the first page in a major metro area and not being found online at all. But to do this one needs to develop an easy-to-navigate dealer website, write strong industry-related content to match those major keywords, become active on social media, and consider a pay per click (PPC) strategy for those keywords in that area and/or industry. If you have never tried this before, give us a call for advice to help you optimize your dealership website.
  3. Email Marketing CampaignA great way to turn a website lead into a buyer is to implement an email marketing campaign. If you take the correct steps, you may be able to make this potential buyer a lifetime customer. This means placing each lead into a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to ensure those contacts are in your database and it also means creating an automated email distribution to keep in touch with those potential leads. This tactic can not only turn a lead into a buyer, but it can also turn a buyer into a returning buyer. AutoManager has recently introduced a CRM interface package that can help you become more engaged with your current customers as well as your potential customers.

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