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AutoManager Announces Credit Applications for Dealer Mobile Websites

Car buyers are now able to seamlessly submit credit applications to dealers using their mobile devices.

Dealer management software provider AutoManager announced the release of its mobile credit application, which will allow dealers’ customers to submit a vehicle credit application via their mobile device. The addition of the mobile-enabled credit application is free for dealers who subscribe to WebManager.

The mobile credit application can be as basic or as custom as possible depending on the needs of the dealer, there is a default version where the user can simply drag and drop it into the website as well as a custom version where the user can add, delete, or create custom fields in the application.

“95% of car buyers use the internet to research buying a car, which means a huge emphasis has been placed on the dealership to have an easy-to-use website where they can effectively push inventory,” stated Kami Tafreshi, CEO of AutoManager, Inc. “With mobile car search becoming more and more prevalent each year, dealers need to ensure that their website tools are mobile compatible; the offering of the credit application on mobile a platform enhances consumer experience on our dealers’ websites.”

According to a study by, 56% of car buyers used mobile devices to research a car purchase in 2014. Aside from its new mobile credit application, the WebManager platform also exports vehicle inventory to 100+ websites and offers many easy-to-use website templates for dealers. AutoManager is now offering free trials for the WebManager marketing system and website platform, which allows potential clients to test all of its interactive features prior to buying. If your dealership already uses AutoManager’s DeskManager software, subscribing to WebManager removes any need to retype information into WebManager.

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