AutoManager Now Offering Cloud Hosting for DeskManager

It’s official, we have gone to the cloud! We would like to introduce you to AutoManager Cloud Hosting Services, the only AutoManager-supported cloud system. By bringing our cloud service in-house, we can fully ensure customer satisfaction and make sure all dealers’ needs are met.

With AutoManager Cloud Hosting, we will host your DeskManager and QuickBooks software, freeing up network bandwidth and allowing you to access your DeskManager software from anywhere with internet connection. Not only that, but you have the option to use DeskManager from a Mac through a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection.

“We know dealers are busy, so to be able to access their data from home or on the road is a big advantage for them. We just want to help those hard-working dealers achieve that goal,” stated Kami Tafreshi, chief executive officer of AutoManager.

Benefits to Hosting DeskManager on Cloud:

  • Accessibility from Anywhere
  • Less Traffic on Network
  • Can Host QuickBooks
  • Use DeskManager on Mac

If you’d like more information on how to connect your dealership with the only DeskManager-supported cloud service, click here.

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