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Video Vehicle Listing

Since YouTube video listings for vehicles arrived, an opportunity has risen to reach out to customers in a more interactive way. WebManager’s added video listing functionality is simple and effective; whenever a vehicle is placed in staging mode, it needs to be prepared for video. All that is needed to be done on the user end is to type in a description about the car and the current specials, if applicable. Once the video is fully prepared and ready to go live, the video will also be ready to share on your website. A video vehicle listing includes all of the pictures that were uploaded by the WebManager user along with your choice of background music. Also in the video is scrolling text that describes the details of the vehicle listing. These details include; make and model, mileage, key features, etc. The most important feature to WebManager’s video vehicle listings is the custom voice over that transcribes the text into audio format. If your customers don’t enjoy reading and love listening, then this will be perfect for them.

Auto Video YouTube Posting

You were probably wondering, “It’s so great that I can now have video vehicle listings, but I don’t want to have to upload them online by myself, that takes WAY too much time.” Well, there is no need to worry about uploading your videos manually because of the Auto Video YouTube Posting integration in WebManager. As soon as your video vehicle listing goes live from staging, the video automatically is posted to YouTube. Your YouTube post will include the video vehicle listing, the description text within YouTube’s description, and back links to each listing and to your website. Now you can show your customers your videos by sending them to biggest video content website in the world, YouTube. YouTube states that over 6 billion hours of content is watched per month on their website. YouTube is also set up on all mobile devices which is great because your customers can see your listings anywhere at all times. The best part about it; it’s all automated for you.


SEO Benefits With Auto Video YouTube Posting in WebManager, your website’s SEO will improve. YouTube is one of the top ten most visited websites on the internet and any links from YouTube to your website means that your SEO will improve. Each of your postings will have two links; one to your website and a direct link to each listing. With these back links floating around YouTube, along with your video (high quality content), your website will enjoy an improvement with SEO. Click here to read more about the features and benefits of Video Vehicle Listing and the Auto Video YouTube Posting. Examples of YouTube Vehicle Video Listing.

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