How to Add Vehicle Inventory to Your Facebook Fan Page

Dealership Inventory on Fan PageWhether they’re currently looking to buy a car or not, the fact is that your potential customer base spends much of its time on Facebook. Earlier this year, comScore reported that Facebook reached at least 73 percent of the entire U.S. internet population, and the average American internet user spends 1 out of every 8 minutes online on the popular social networking site and that figure is rising rapidly.

But that’s not the only reason dealerships should embrace Facebook. In Shop.org’s 2011 Social Commerce Study, 49 percent of respondents said they like to keep track of product updates on businesses’ Facebook fan pages. So when you get new inventory that you want to quickly unload, Facebook is a great place to tell people about it. And the best way to do that is to have it updated right on your fan page.

If you’re a WebManager WebPlus user, you’re able to do just that. Our Facebook app adds an Inventory tab to your fan page, which contains the same inventory search system you have on your website.

How to Use the Facebook Feature to its Potential

Let’s say you’ve just picked up an ’09 Dodge Charger in great condition from a fleet auction. After you’ve taken your pictures and uploaded it to your website, it will also go straight to your Facebook Inventory tab. To highlight it, you could post one of the vehicle photos in your status and tell people to click through to your fan page and look for it in under Inventory. Now you’ve got a message that’s reaching lots of customers and giving them a convenient place to seek more information.

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