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How to Edit Dealership Websites in WebManager

One of the great advantages of WebManager is its flexibility. Though our team of web designers will build you a website that looks and performs beautifully, we also want you to be able to change it on the fly.

WebManager’s Dealership Website Editor lets you make changes by checking boxes and dragging elements. Today, Kyle, our tech support specialist, will take you through some of its basic editing functions.

To edit your WebManager-powered website, hover over Settings at the top of the page, then hover over Website, then click on Pages.

WebManager Website Editor

On this page, you’ll see a list of all the pages that are available on your website. Click the checkbox to determine whether or not the page will be displayed on your website. If the box is checked, that page will appear on your website. If it is not checked, then it will not display on your website. To customize the page, click on Design Page next to the title of the page you want to edit. Please note that you can also drag and drop the pages into whichever menu you would like them to be under, and what order you want them to appear that menu.

WebManager Website EditorBelow is the Page Design page as well as a snapshot of the WebManager powered website. You can give your page a title, which will appear below your banner on your website. You can also move the slider to change the width of your columns and change the number of columns (which will always appear to the left of the slider) you have.

If you would like to add another content row (which basically acts like a box containing the elements inside of the content row), you can do this by clicking on the Add Content Row button. To add an element to your website, simply drag it from the Elements Toolbox into the content row you want that element in. To remove an element from your website, click delete inside that element. You can also drag and drop the elements in the order you want to see them in.

WebManager Website Editor
Inside the editor
WebManager column width
Your actual website

Every element in the Elements Toolbox has different settings that can be changed by clicking Settings. Each element can be customized in some way, but some offer more customization than others. Once you’re done editing, as always, make sure to save your changes.

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