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Get the Most Out of Your Dealership Website Themes

With the recent addition of the “Autobook” theme, WebManager now boasts 14 unique website themes that can be customized with a number of different color combinations. And our theme-based system allows you to change the entire appearance of your website in seconds.

Not that you should do it too often, of course. Picking a theme and sticking with it is a key part of establishing a memorable brand. So here are a few tips for landing the right one:

Black Horse Motors, Port Richey, Fla.
Great dealership websites are clearly organized and echo the style of their inventory.

1. Choose a color scheme that’s similar to your dealership logo. If you run a business called Red’s Motors, your background better not be purple. Consistent experiences make memorable impressions, and the color of a website perhaps its easiest attribute to remember. Don’t make someone rack their brains about where they saw that great deal on an F-350.

2. Choose a visual style that matches your inventory. If you sell luxury cars, opt for clean lines. Many of our high-end vehicle clients choose dark themes, because black and dark gray seem more formal. If you sell watercraft, blue or teal might be a good choice to tie together the aquatic theme.

3. When in doubt, keep it simple. The most effective websites don’t get in the way of what they’re trying to sell. If you have good pictures of your vehicles, let them command the most attention — not an over-the-top animation or sound effects.

Remember that your website isn’t the same as a billboard on the highway. If visitors find their way to it, you’ve already gotten their attention. Its main function is to direct car shoppers to the information they’re looking for in the minimum number of steps.

WebManager theme: Autobook
WebManager’s Autobook theme

4. Think like a shopper. WebManager gives you lots of freedom to choose where your special modules go; things like contact forms and loan calculators. But before you go dragging and dropping them everywhere, take some time to think about where exactly visitors might find them useful. If you can’t think of a likely reason a potential customer might need to use this feature on a particular page, skip it.

5. Embrace the power of SEO. While your homepage might not be a billboard, your search engine optimization techniques are. Without good keyword strategies and strong indexing tactics, your beautiful and fantastic new website might get lost in the tangled mess of the Web.

Luckily, WebManager offers professional SEO services that can reliably drive much more traffic to your website. Because we believe in our ability to get great results for clients, we provide you with charts that track your visibility on a daily basis. For more information on the benefits of SEO, take a look at our WebPlus primer.

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