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What is Video SEO and Why Does It Matter?

How to Optimize for Video SEO

Maybe you’re somewhat familiar with the term “video SEO.” Maybe you’ve heard it in passing. If you’re like many auto dealers, you might believe that the cost of creating unique videos for your inventory outweigh the benefits.

In fact, video SEO and its multi-level benefits are increasingly separating the successful dealerships from struggling competition. With search engines changing to give preferential weight to YouTube videos within search results, auto dealers’ investment into video is well worth the cost.

The back story

In 2006, Google acquired YouTube in a billion-dollar deal that made the video sharing website a key component of Google’s search network. In a move that was no doubt partly intended to feed the expansion of Google’s new toy, Google soon started featuring YouTube videos in its search results.

As a result, video has become much more valuable to all businesses. First of all, videos appearing in search results come with an image preview, standing out among over traditional text listings. Numerous studies show that web users click through image listings far more often than plain text results, giving video a huge advantage.

Over time, SEO analysts noted another incredible advantage of video, as text listings for websites with relevant Youtube content began appearing higher in search results. This makes sense financially, since Google makes more ad revenue by sending more traffic to YouTube. However, the additional weight of video also reflects the philosophy of unique video content as a predictor of quality.

Evolving search engines

As Google becomes more intuitive in trying to guess what searchers want, video will be given increasingly more weight in search results as a platform for quick and digestible information.

That being said, videos must provide relevant information to be effective for SEO; in other words, random video content will not lead to a higher search ranking. Without a proper title, description, and list of keywords, even relevant content will be overlooked and downplayed in search results.

How to get great mileage out of VSEO

Although most dealers today have at least a tentative grasp of basic SEO, video SEO has yet to become a common strategy among auto dealers. As such, proactive auto dealers who invest some time into VSEO (Video SEO for short) can still establish dominance within their market.

In general, more videos will mean more leads from search engine results which will mean more money. But creating video content requires too much time, right? Typically, yes. But template-based video editors, such as the one built into WebManager, can cut your editing time from hours to literally seconds.

WebManager’s YouTube exporter converts the videos on your website and posts them to your YouTube channel. Grabbing the most important vehicle details that will be searched by shoppers, WebManager will include this optimized information within the YouTube video’s title, while also geotagging your video to your primary dealership address on Google Maps. All this information helps you get listed on Google when someone is searching for that type of vehicle in your area. Even if the editing, music, and narration of your video is generated instantaneously by a computer, Google will still reward you with the same coveted placement as a competitor who spent eight hours shooting and editing a web commercial.

To get the most leads, you’ll want to have videos on YouTube that cover the full spectrum of makes and models you carry. Adding a strong call to action on the last frame with your sales number will be the dealer’s responsibility as the most difficult step in what would typically be a laborious process.

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