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WebManager Adds Video to Your Dealership Website

Video preview of WebManager vehicleWith the new vehicle videos feature for WebManager, you can add full-video advertisements with custom narration, vibrant music and animated titles to your dealership website.

This exciting upgrade is almost an entire new program itself, and it’s included with the most basic WebManager plans. So today, we wanted to give you an overview of what it can do.

Edit as Much or as Little as You Want

We spent a lot of time thinking about how dealers would actually use a video option for their vehicle listings. Ultimately, we realized many dealership employees wouldn’t have the time to sit around and tweak their videos to perfection. So we designed a solution that would work great “out of the box,” without any modifications. All you have to do to get a slick, professional video made for your car is check the box that says “Enable Video.”

True to the spirit of our products, you can also take things much farther. You can type your own script for our realistic text-to-speech narration, or switch up its order by dragging paragraphs to new positions. You can add dealership logos, images from your computer and our diverse library of background music. You can even use different images and background music in the intro and outro. And best of all, you can save all your favorite settings to a template that can be used again and again.

Change Anything in an Instant

One of the big headaches about working with video has always been its resistance to change. Once you edit a video, you have to export it into one huge video file that takes forever to upload onto your site. If you catch a mistake– like a misspelled title or fuzzy picture– you have to go back, re-edit the video and replace it with another huge video file. The whole process can easily take hours, just for one clip.

Choosing tracks in WebManager's new Video feature
Switch up the feel of your video by choosing from our diverse library of background tracks.

So we did things differently. Our movies aren’t locked up in big, bulky files. They’re actually made from layers of scripted animations that take much less time to load or change. If you notice a misspelled word after a video has been created, you can make an instant correction from your WebManager dashboard. Your little mistakes become much more manageable. Plus, your viewers don’t have to wait for your videos to start playing. It’s a win-win.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Want to start adding videos to your website right away? Log into your WebManager account now, and use this handy Vehicle Video FAQ page as a reference. We’re planning to add more customizable features in the future, so watch this space for updates.

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